Reaching the Arctic Circle, Sweden is mostly covered by forests and has the longest coastline in Europe. Swedes are very close to nature and after a long harsh winter, they enjoy the warm months outdoors by swimming, hiking or visiting family and friends. The Swedes are committed to sustainability, making them a world leader in organic farming, recycling and renewable energy.

Most teenagers in Sweden go to concerts, watch films and have small gatherings. It is very common for a bicycle to be the main means of transport. Although schools provide plenty of activities, after school and on weekends, you can meet your friends at youth centers called fritidsgård to play music, dance or play games and hang out with peers. Sports lovers will have a great time in Sweden, playing football, tennis, ice hockey or skiing.

Among the Swedish traditions Christmas (Jul) stands out when Swedes drink the traditional refreshment Julmust and eat pepparkakor and lussekatter as well as the movable feasts of Fettisdagen when Swedes eat the delicious semla and the Summer Solstice (Midsommar) which they celebrate with great fervour for 2 days. Sweden has also established Höstlov – a holiday week in autumn and Sportlov – a holiday week in winter with an emphasis on winter sports!

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