What are the advantages of our partnership?

AFS school programs aim to help develop not only intercultural understanding and learning, but also the communication, social and language skills of students and teachers. Students learn either through contact with a host student or by traveling abroad themselves through student exchange programs. This experience will always be authentic and unique. Teachers have the opportunity to create a cross-cultural classroom, integrating the exchange student into the learning environment, while the school has the opportunity to create opportunities for cooperation with institutions abroad and to cultivate in its students the necessary skills and competences for their further studies and for their successful entry into the labour market. Schools and teachers who actively support the work of AFS are given the opportunity to participate in training seminars in Intercultural Learning from reputable institutions and organisations and to take part in competitions.


As of 2015, AFS is proud to have entered into a “consultative status” partnership with the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). This status enables both organizations to collaborate on initiatives of mutual interest and social good.

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