Nearly 200,000 lakes, saunas and art festivals make up the unique Finnish culture. If you enjoy skiing, hiking, and even sailing and a balanced mix of small-town life with modern cities, you should immerse yourself in the daily life of one of Europe’s most magical countries. Finns tend to be shy and reserved at first, but will open up when they meet you. Finns focus on common sense, no fuss, and making things work. Enjoy a unique experience of 24 hours of daylight in the summer and all-day darkness during the Arctic winter.

Teenagers in Finland have a lot of independence and enjoy spending time outdoors, even in the winter. Finland’s active culture includes going cycling, boating, skiing, soccer, track-and-field, and pesäpallo (Finnish baseball). Your Finnish friends will attend high school formal dances called vanhojen tanssit with both modern and traditional music.

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