Italian exquisite art, music, food, and architecture make up the perfect background for the company of friends and family on an evening passeggiata (a slow walk). On top of a very rich history, stands a modern European country, always leading in style and fashion. The world’s best hgelato, rich home-cooked meals, remnants of the Roman Empire, snow-capped Alps or picturesque coastal towns on the Adriatic Sea help Italians truly live la dolce vita (the sweet life).

Teenagers are used to being independent and organizing their own time, chatting in cafés, walking around town, going out dancing or playing sports. Calcio, Italian soccer league, is the cause of celebration for many Italians, whose teams have won several World Cups. Other sports your Italian friends might enjoy are basketball, cycling and skiing, which are most popular; however, most sports can be found here.

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