America is an immigrant country with a great diversity of people, cultures, music, food and sports—and you will find just about every climate, landscape and terrain imaginable. Pop culture is everywhere, sports and news dominate many conversations and traditions vary greatly depending on region, ethnicity and religion. It’s really hard to generalize about what to do and see in a country where the pride of every town, suburb and city is based on its unique attractions, contributions and life style.

Although high school is the center of teen life in most places in America, community and religious organizations also offer clubs (from drama to chess), volunteer activities and programs for young people. Team sports keep many students after school for practice. Football, soccer, basketball, track, baseball, swimming, volleyball and cheerleading tend to rule. High school games attract crowds of all ages. Weekends: parties, shopping, and just hanging out. Many families take schoolwork seriously (getting into good colleges is competitive), but also encourage their teens to have fun.

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High School Year Program in USA

  • DestinationUSA
  • Durations8 months or more
  • Cost12.900€ / George Vozikis, Ph.D -''Katia Parapantaki'' scholarship worth 10.000 USD
  • Program Dates
    • Aug 9, 2023 - Jun 17, 2024
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